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This post is the second part of the course,

Before we start, think about this. Was it necessary for Google to endorse Kotlin as the first-class language for Android? Was Java incapable of becoming a modern programming language? Or, is Kotlin that Android-friendly? I would say it’s a combination of…

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This post is the first part of the course,


If you are wondering why you should learn to program, let me give you some insights from my personal experience. Programming is one of the inexpensive ways you can learn a skill and, in turn, earn your bread and butter…

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Hello everyone,
I’m happy to announce that I’m creating a complete beginner course for Android Development. After completing this course, you will have expertise in how to build an Android application using Kotlin. After that, we will learn how to upload our application to the play store. Since we are learning the basics of Android development in this course, we will not cover advanced topics such as architectures and testing. I hope you will have a great time following this course. Please make sure you are following me on LinkedIn, Medium, Github, or Twitter.

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There is a simple way to describe the features of WorkManager by splitting its name. Imagine you are running a company, and you are responsible for handling tons of things at once. At some point, it will be difficult for you to conduct it all by yourself. Let’s call these…

Motion layout animation

Animations always fascinated me. The synchronized or not-so-synchronized movement of objects in a screen, along with its creator’s vision, will create a delightful experience. Applications with subtle animations are a joy to watch. I remember opening the same app again and again to see its wonderfully implemented animations. Being said…

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I have always wondered if there is a way to make sure that our DAO functions are faultless before running the application. I always double-check the statements or inspect the local database to validate everything is running as expected. …

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Edit: Hi all. Lots of fellow developers commented that this is not the safest method out there. So I’m cutting the ‘safest’ part from the title of this post. The original title was ‘How to Safely Store Credentials in Android Projects Using’ Let me clarify that my intention was…

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Let’s be honest. Writing test cases in software development is either religiously followed or very much overlooked. There is no middle ground in it. But, whatever the case, it is an essential skill needed for a software developer. You will need to write test cases. If not today, then tomorrow…

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Sometimes I feel like the world of Android development is funny. It is unpredictable at times. Or maybe Android studio is still learning. This one error occurred last week. …

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The idea of a stopwatch is charming. If you keep looking at it for some time, you will realize the power of a second. The seconds keep adding together and become a minute, then into hours, and so on. We can say that the stopwatch is nothing but a pop-up…

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